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Break and Move Beyond the Length of the Chains
Ty Howard

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Never let fear, procrastination or the longing for approval from others to take possession of your mind, they become self-forged chains.
~ Ty Howard

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where you wondered “What to do next?”

Have you ever had a bolt of confidence spring into your being just as you were going to start working towards a new goal, but your comfort zone held you back?

Have you ever had the feeling “It’s now or never!” but you did not make a move?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, you at one time wore self-forged chains.

I think we all have or at least will don self-forged chains in our lives at one time or another. On that premise, we must not become enchained and paralyzed by the fears and limitations imposed on us by the world.

There is an old African story that says, “If you take a baby elephant, place a chain around one of its back legs, hook the chain to a stake, and then drive that stake into the ground to restrain the baby elephant until it’s big enough to fend for itself. When the caretaker removes both the stake and the chain from the elephant’s back leg, the elephant will not venture out beyond the length of the chain that once restrained him. The story goes on to say that the elephant has been conditioned to accept residency in a mental prison given to him by his caretaker.”

We’ve all heard the old adage “An elephant never forgets,” and this story is a prime example of how an elephant’s ability to not forget can do more harm than help.

Through my observation of people throughout life, the same thing happens to humans. We become conditioned to believe that we can only go a far as our chains will extend. We are conditioned to believe things like: “No one in my family ever graduated from college,” “We grew up in this type of neighborhood — this is it,” “I was born to fail,” “I’m damaged goods,” “My life is one big joke,” “I’m a realist not a dream chaser. Why should I try to break free from the chains? Why should I try to pull up the stake? Why should I set myself up to fail?”

I ask you, “Why not?”

If failure weren’t an option, would you put out more effort?

If money weren’t an issue, would you take more risks?

Is there anyone better suited and deserving of success than you?

The bestselling novelist and the unpublished writer both have the same dictionary full of words to work with. The difference is the bestselling novelist took full action while the unpublished writer went through the motions of “It was once a good thought” and chained himself to the stake.

The most successful entrepreneur and the get-rich-quick visionary both have the same basic skills and resources to work with. The difference is the former is willing to work tirelessly hard to evolve through a process while the latter is looking for the next quick deal.

And there is almost no visible difference between the fastest sprinter in the world and one who finishes last. They both run the race by the same rules, yet, the winner is the one committed to winning. The winner is the athlete who does what it takes to get stronger and faster. He or she trains day after day, adds a little extra effort to each workout, eats a consistently healthy diet, and visually sees themself crossing the finish line ahead of the rest.

I ask you again, “Why not you?”

Mahatma Gandhi said, “You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.”

We all will experience different challenges and circumstances throughout life, some more demoralizing or traumatizing than others. I encourage you even in the midst of uncertainty and despair to never allow the chains of complacency or discouragement to imprison you. We must continue to lay our foundation stones, inch by inch, one after another, until the chain breaks and the stake comes up out of the ground — giving way to new birth and possibilities for our future.

Malcolm X powerfully reminded us that, “Our history did not begin in chains.”

You have what it takes to achieve greatness in anything you desire. Within you is the potential for extraordinary accomplishment. Do not voluntarily chain yourself to the stake. If you feel like you are chained to a stake right now — pull it up, BREAK THE CHAINS, throw them away, and move forward! No one is better suited for growth and success than you. See every achievement going forward as a stepping stone to greater things.

When challenges arise, and they will. Smile and say, “That’s great because ________.” Find a way (a positive solution) to address and ‘Break the Chains!’ Then continue – fearlessly and intentionally – on your life’s journey. Greet your future with your eyes open, head held high, a glide in your stride, and no thoughts of regret. Continuous positive growth, good health, significant success, and the creation and living of your best life is there for you too!

Remember: Sometimes you have to take action because YOU know it’s the right thing to do. Because YOU choose not to succumb to limits set for you by the world. And because YOU know your life is not a dress rehearsal.


Go ahead — Break and Move Beyond the Length of the Chains!


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About the Author:  Ty Howard,

Founder, CEO and Editor in Chief of MOTIVATION magazine

Ty Howard is an organizational development consultant and executive and manager development coach. He’s an internationally recognized authority on personal, professional, relationships and success habits development. He is the creator and lead facilitator of the trademarked Untie the Knots® Process, and the author of the best-selling book Untie the Knots® That Tie Up Your Life: A Practical Guide to Freeing Yourself from Toxic Habits, Choices, People, and Relationships, as well as dozens of published articles on relationships, healthy habits development, empowerment and peak performance worldwide.

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The MOTIVATION ‘Key Takeaways’ for this article:

Break and Move Beyond the Length of the Chains

1) Never let fear, procrastination or the longing for approval from others to take possession of your mind,

       they become self-forged chains.

2) You have to take action because YOU know it’s the right thing to do.

3) Choose not to succumb to limits set for you by the world.

4) Identify and begin breaking free from your chains, today!



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