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Watch the latest Dragon Ball heroes episode 4

Dragon Ball heroes episode 4

In this episode of dragon ball heroes , the evil Saiyan unleashes his full power and become so humangous (oozaru). Goku and Vegeta both having trouble in fighting against the oozaru. So they both try to cut off his tail but the evil Saiyan is so fast and powerful that both Goku and Vegeta didn’t stand a chance. So they decided to fuse using potara. Goku and Vegeta become so powerful and becomes Vegito. The fight between oozaru and Vegito starts…

The fight between them is so destructive that it breaks the chain of the planet. Both of them gives each other a very tough competiton. Seeing this fu couldn’t resist himself and quickly goes to stop them. The fu informed them not to break chain but they again hit the chain with a massive blast. So the Fu had to take a step and attack on the mad oozaru,
after one shot the oozaru return to its evil Saiyan form. Everyone stood in a shocking position that how fu controller the oozaru in only one shot.

So here is the episode of Dragon Ball heroes episode

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